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Interviews with Autistic people are ongoing. The interview questions for 2017 are below. Feel free to add or omit if you want to change the questions a bit. Please note that there are a few requirements.

Interview Questions for Autism Acceptance Day Blog 2017

Please note: Nothing about curing or preventing autism, or not accepting autism, will be published. Nothing about “I accept the person but not their autism” will be published.

Things in brackets [ ] are just for you and won’t be printed in the interview. Feel free to add or change questions. The limit for total number of words is 1000. You may go outside that range but please do not send a book-length interview.

1. Name [or pseudonym], age [if you want], anything about yourself that you would like to say as an introduction to you.

2. What is your life like as an Autistic person? [You can say a specific thing or two, or go into more detail.] [optional if you just want to talk about politics, for example.]

3. What is the most joyful, fun, exciting thing [you can have more than one!] about being Autistic? 

4. What is the most difficult [you can have more than one!] about being Autistic, for you? [totally optional. I just do not want to limit people to saying “fun” things.]

5. How has the Autism Acceptance Day/Month effort over the past seven years affected you personally? If you were not aware of it until recently, what meaning does Autism Acceptance Day/Month have to you now?

6. What does “moving beyond awareness” mean to you?

7. What is one thing about acceptance that would make a difference in the world?

Interviews with Autistics

Contact me at pdurbinwestby @ gmail dot com to start an interview discussion.

#AutismAcceptanceDay 7 International Autism Acceptance Decade. Moving Beyond Awareness. 2010 to 2020

We are three seven!!!! years into International Autism Acceptance Decade, 2010-2020! (Updated in 2017.) To further the reach of the IAAD effort, I am doing a series of interviews with Autistic people, especially people who do not often get public attention in the “autism world” or even in the “Autistic world.” The interviews are posted on the Autism Acceptance Day blog at 

This series is focused on Autism ACCEPTANCE* and will also give a chance for people to say what is most important to them. More than that, these interviews are a way for Autistics to talk about our experiences, getting to know one another and broadening our community interactions. I am particularly interested in interviewing people who are not “the regulars” in public conversations about autism. **

Our focus audience is other Autistic people, but the general public (that part of it that reads autism-related things) will also be reading. Autistic children might read your interview and learn something about themselves or feel less alone in the world; Autistic adults might find validation of their experience and feelings.

Please write to me at pdurbinwestby at gmail dot com and we will work out the best way for us to do interviews. The easiest for me is emails back and forth.  IM of various types is good for initial discussions but not the whole written interview. I am not doing phone interviews at this point.

Currently the blog gets several hundred hits a day and reaches out past the usual forums and Facebook, according to my blog stats. On a high-volume day, like April 2 (!) I get several thousand hits. Let’s get to know each other a bit and put out your thoughts to the world!

Interviews are expected to be posted over the next few months.  These interviews are a long-term project,  spanning the entire International Autism Acceptance Decade.This blog will remain active at all times.

Note: Your work is your copyright! You can do anything with it that you want or post it anywhere you want. Some people like to post here first and then on their sites, or other publications, or vice versa. I do not own your work. It's yours!

* I will not be taking submissions from Autistics who hate autism. Apologies for that limitation, but the focus of the International Autism Acceptance  Decade is the acceptance and embracing of autism. I am only interviewing Autistic people for this particular series.

**You must be at least 18 to be interviewed here. This avoids someone's parent getting annoyed because I interviewed someone who is legally a minor. Thank you.

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