Monday, April 2, 2018

Autism *ACTUAL* Acceptance Day 8- 2018!!!

Yes, Autism Acceptance Day has been going strong for eight years now! AAA, Actual Autism Acceptance, is the intention and always was. Actual Autism Acceptance means acceptance of Autistic people as we are, including communication differences, stims, different ways of seeing the world, "IQ" levels, etc.

It does *not* mean "I accept you but not your autism." It certainly does not mean marketing for ABA businesses (one of the ones I heard about today). Actual autism acceptance still seems like such a radical idea to many, and to others, the success of it (whew! finally, something to do in April other than wait to see what dreadful doom and gloom pronouncements will be made) has led some organizations to co-opt the name, if not the idea. If it doesn't seem like true acceptance to you, it probably is not!

The new Facebook event for April 2018 is here. 

I made a QR code associated with the event. Please feel free to share it to help promote complete acceptance of Autistic people!

Autism Acceptance Day 8 on Facebook event QR code Autism Acceptance Day 8 Facebook QR code

New writings I am aware of from this year:

Other events going on now, at least on Facebook, are below, and I will add more as I have time:

Light It Up True!- With All the Colors!

Red Instead/Walk In Red 2018 - Autism Acceptance

Tone It Down Taupe- Community


This is from last year but I never posted it here. The photo has been updated to me at one of my current "gigs" as a piano technician. AssistiveWare- An interview with the founder of Autism Acceptance Month

A film viewing of Deej, hosted by the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Library and Autism Women's Network:  Autism Acceptance Month Film Event: Deej

Posts by Autistic on Wheels, one per day this month. Here are the first ones:

Autism Acceptance Month 2018 Day 2: A is for Acceptance
Autism Acceptance Month 2018 Day 3: B is for Blogs

Another Autism Acceptance Day Facebook event will be up on the 16th, as FB currently only lets an event be 15 days long. That event is here >, but I think it does not become active until the 16th of April. Autism Acceptance Day and Month 8- 2018- Second half of the month!

Please post appropriate, non-cure, non puzzle piece, non ABA links in the comments. Anything that is not accepting of Autistic people exactly the way we are will be removed. (Comment approval is on so I need to come approve them, probably once a day).

Last year on this very day, April 2, I posted to Facebook "Happy Autism Acceptance Day from the entrance to the George Washington Bridge!" My son and I were en route to a medical specialist in another state (that was New York; we live in Virginia) for a pain condition caused by a medically unnecessary procedure. He has yet to receive any effective treatment so we travel a lot, having to go out of state to access appropriate care. I am hoping that the next couple of years will show improvement; if so, I will be able to develop more AutismAcceptanceDay and Autism Acceptance Month initiatives.

#AutismAcceptanceDay 8 International Autism Acceptance Decade Moving Beyond Awareness 2010 to 2020- dark red striped background

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