Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Two Facebook Events- Autism Acceptance Day x 2!

Because Facebook now limits events to two weeks, there are two Autism Acceptance Day events on Facebook this year. I'll post the second one first, since we are into that half of the month. This event started on April 16 and ends April 30. It does not have as many attendees, but, in order to attract at least some attention, I am posting all new materials there first, so that maybe some people will sign up for it.  The URL is

Autism Acceptance Day and Month 2017- Second Half!

The first half of the month, featuring many of the interviews with Autistics (which will be posted in both events when I get a chance) is here:

I have published sixteen (16) new interviews with Autistic people this year. Please scroll down on the right to see them all. Each person put a lot of time and thought and energy into responding to the questions I sent. This collection of interviews will add to our voices in public space.

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