Saturday, March 28, 2015

#AutismAcceptanceDay5- Fifth Annual Autism Acceptance Day!

#AutismAcceptanceDay5 International Autism Acceptance Decade 2010-2020. Moving Beyond Awareness. original blue version

#AutismAcceptanceDay5. Autism Acceptance Day was started in 2011, and continues to gain momentum every year. I have a very overloaded schedule this month and so am going to post all the good links on Autism Acceptance Day. I am doing several interviews but those won't be posted right away.

Links list for 2015, which I will keep updating every chance I get!

ProLoQuo2Go is 50% off on Autism Acceptance Day, April 2 2015! 

A new alternative to blue lights in April- #WalkInRed

The #WalkInRed campaign is an effort by #ActuallyAutistic individuals to rally support for #AutismAcceptance. 

Please do searches on Autism Acceptance, Autism Acceptance Day, Autism Acceptance Month, Walk In Red. I have scheduling conflicts that do not permit me to search and put everything here right now. Please put links to ACCEPTANCE in the comments section and I will post them.

More links!

Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and Win Your Own "Squawkers McCaw"

Autism Acceptance Day 2015 #AutismAcceptanceDay5

Ask an Autistic - Why Acceptance? Autism Acceptance Month 

Autism Awareness is Not Enough: Here’s How to Change the World

#AutismAcceptanceDay5 International Autism Acceptance Decade 2010-2020. Moving Beyond Awareness. Red version


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