Saturday, March 28, 2015

#AutismAcceptanceDay5- Fifth Annual Autism Acceptance Day!

#AutismAcceptanceDay5 International Autism Acceptance Decade 2010-2020. Moving Beyond Awareness. original blue version

#AutismAcceptanceDay5. Autism Acceptance Day was started in 2011, and continues to gain momentum every year. I have a very overloaded schedule this month and so am going to post all the good links on Autism Acceptance Day. I am doing several interviews but those won't be posted right away.

Links list for 2015, which I will keep updating every chance I get!

ProLoQuo2Go is 50% off on Autism Acceptance Day, April 2 2015! 

A new alternative to blue lights in April- #WalkInRed

The #WalkInRed campaign is an effort by #ActuallyAutistic individuals to rally support for #AutismAcceptance. 

Please do searches on Autism Acceptance, Autism Acceptance Day, Autism Acceptance Month, Walk In Red. I have scheduling conflicts that do not permit me to search and put everything here right now. Please put links to ACCEPTANCE in the comments section and I will post them.

More links!

Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and Win Your Own "Squawkers McCaw"

Autism Acceptance Day 2015 #AutismAcceptanceDay5

Ask an Autistic - Why Acceptance? Autism Acceptance Month 

Autism Awareness is Not Enough: Here’s How to Change the World

#AutismAcceptanceDay5 International Autism Acceptance Decade 2010-2020. Moving Beyond Awareness. Red version

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  1. Hi, I've created #AutismAcceptanceMonth profile picture filter, to show colors and completeness of life for Autistic people.
    Nothing is missing in them, no need to show blue or puzzle piece for Autistics.

    Share this link with others to let them know about this option.


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