Thursday, August 1, 2013

This Really Is Paula- An Unsual Post

There has been some concern on another site that I am not really Paula, and that "Autism Acceptance Day" has been hacked. Well, it has not. Thankfully. Now, someone reading this could think "It's just the hacker posting this," but, um, it's me. Not sure how to prove that, though! LOL. I know. I could post a photo of me that has not ever been online before so that people will know it is me and could not have copied it from the internet. Here goes....

My blog post re: all this:

This Is Who I Am. This Is What I Do. Paula C. Durbin-Westby

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interview with Bill Peters-Autism Acceptance

Today's interview is with Bill Peters. Bill is 31 and does quite a bit of advocacy work. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work, Bill.

I have know that I have ASD sence 1991, I became a Autism Advocate in 2003, I Run Three Rivers Autism Outreach a Social and Support group in my area.  

What is your life like as an Autistic person?  

My life as an Autistic Person at times can be a roller coaster ride, it has more ups then downs most of the time but there are days when it can be really tough especially when your trying to get people to understand what life is like for you or ask people to help you out in area's  you need help in.

What is the most difficult about being Autistic, for you?

The Most Difficult thing for me is often wanting to be more Social but not having much of a chance to go out and do stuff and also having people Misunderstand about what my Challenges are cause I "look" Perfectly fine.

What is the most joyful, fun, exciting thing bout being Autistic?  

My Memory, my Abilty to try new things and often make Friendships that others would find hard, Also enjoy my special Intrests and being able to learn new things Quickly.

How has the Autism Acceptance Day/Month effort over the past three years affected you personally?  

It has given me a chance to speak up and tell people what having Autism is like and the Importance of being Included and given a chance to live  life to the Fullest. 

What is one thing about acceptance that would make a difference in the world?  

IT would make it so that we can live our lives to the Fullest.

Do you have children or other family members who are Autistic?  No not that I know of. 

Thank you for interviewing with me, Bill. It has been a pleasure getting to know you a bit better here as well as on Facebook.