Friday, March 22, 2013

The Original 2011/2012/2103 Autism Acceptance Day Facebook Links!

Autism Acceptance Day 2013 on Facebook is here! Autism Acceptance Day is not just on Facebook, but FB is where it all started. Now, it has taken hold and is being celebrated in many ways. Write in the comments section with your AAD ideas, links, and events. I am accepting blog submissions, as we have for the past three years. Send to the address at the contact page, or link your posts here. If you would like your post printed or reprinted here let me know. 

See below for the original links for Autism Acceptance Day. We started in 2011. The second year, we changed to April 2 as the official date, which is the date it will be from now on.

The links to 2011 and 2012 below are for historical purposes only, so don't sign up on those (not sure you can, actually).

In 2011, over 1,213 people signed up! The event shows 1,213, and I know we had a few more.  In 2012, at least 1351 people signed up. And, in 2013, with April 2 only a week away, we have 611 people signed up. Typically, we get hundreds of people ON the day, but feel free to join NOW!

Autism Acceptance Day 2011 (the first year of AAD!)

Autism Acceptance Day

Autism Acceptance Day 2012

Autism Acceptance Day and Month 2012- The Original Event

Autism Acceptance Day 2013 (this year!)

On April 2, 2011, we changed the name to Autism Acceptance Month. Here's a screen capture. The following year, we started using International Autism Acceptance Year, 2012-2013. By "we," I mean people who were having the discussion and wanting it to not just be a day, week, month, or year. Current calls are for DECADE, so, since 2011 was pretty close to 2010, International Autism Acceptance Decade is from 2010-2020. This makes practical and chronological sense, since this decade is witnessing huge changes, propelled by Autistic activists, in the dialogue about autism. No longer are we passive "recipients" and subjects of other people's conversations about us; we are agents in our own right, and we are changing our part of the world.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Autism Acceptance Day and Month 3rd Annual Facebook Party!

Autism Acceptance Day and Month on Facebook!

Join the Third Annual Autism Acceptance Day and Month Facebook event. Sign up to join with other who are committed to autism acceptance. Links to other events and initiatives will be posted on the page as we head into April, Autism Acceptance Month. 

Autistic Self Advocacy Network Announces Autism Acceptance Month Initiative

One of the new initiatives that has come out of the Autistic community and allies hard work over the past three years is that the Autistic Self Advocacy Network has started an Autism Acceptance Month website, soon to be announced. ASAN's announcement about the website is here. This is a much-needed addition to International Autism Acceptance Year. Please click on the links below to participate:

Help ASAN Make April Autism Acceptance Month

Hello friend,

At the beginning of March, our community came together to remember and mourn for disabled people killed by family members and caregivers. In a dozen cities, we gathered with our friends and allies to ensure that no one in our community would be forgotten. In doing so, we were reminded not only of the terrible things that too often happen to us - but also of the real value of communal space. In coming together, we are able to face even the most horrific of crimes.

As we approach April, this bears remembering. For many years now, Autistic people have dreaded April, knowing that Autism Awareness Month typically brings with it the worst kind of pity and fear-mongering. Does it really have to be this way? What if we built a different April, centered around the experiences of Autistic people ourselves? What if we stood up together to say awareness is not enough? This April, we are asking you to help us make a change for the better. Starting later this month, ASAN will be launching a campaign to re-brand April as Autism Acceptance Month.

We are setting up a website to help publicize events across the country and you can be a part of it. We want you to set up an Autism Acceptance Month event in your local community and let us know about it!

Check out our tip sheet on the ASAN website for ideas about local community events you can organize. Then let us know about it at and we will work with you to help publicize your event and connect you to Autism Acceptance Month festivities. We will be working on this from now until the end of April, so don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything we can do to help you in your efforts. In addition, we want everyone to be involved - whether you are Autistic, family member, professional or an ally without any formal connection to the Autistic community. All are welcome.

All of us have a stake in making April about something real. At the end of the day, awareness is not enough. Together, we can do better. Will you join us?

As always, Nothing About Us, Without Us!
Ari Ne'eman
Autistic Self Advocacy Network

#Autism Experts Launched for International Autism Acceptance Year (2012-2013)

#Autism Experts was launched this year to mark the third anniversary of Autism Acceptance Day. Autism Acceptance Day was started in 2011. Over 1300 Autistic community members and allies joined the first Facebook event that year, and more joined in 2012, when we declared the entire year International Autism Acceptance Year (2012-2013).

#Autism Experts adds to the exciting initiatives that are being started in the wake of continued interest in the concept of turning April into Autism Acceptance Month rather than Autism Awareness Month. 

#Autism Experts has a number of online access points in various stages of development. The most up-to-date one is on blogger. We will be posting additional material throughout April.

We are currently seeking funding for the #Autism Experts website, and talking to people who might want to be involved in some capacity. This is a long-term process, much of which will take place after April.  Please contact the blog owner here with your ideas for #Autism Experts. 

In addition, we are collecting blog posts, articles, and other materials for Autism Acceptance Day. (Note: I have some emails to follow up on to add new events for this year- I will be getting back to people as soon as I finish one my infamous work deadlines.)