Saturday, February 23, 2013

Autistic People Should....

In response to very negative autocompletes when using search engines, Autistics have decided to be proactive and create new material in case someone does a search on "Autistic people should..." A dedicated blog site has been created. Today, February 23, many Autistics and allies are writing blog posts on the topic of "Autistic people should...." Some of those posts are making it to the top of search engines, at least currently. I admit to tweaking the photo so that you can't see that the autocomplete still says "die" as one of the suggestions. :( The image I have posted here shows our efforts are being placed at the top of search engines. That is a start. Education about Autism Acceptance needs to be ongoing so that some day when people type in "Autistic people should" they will find something more positive than death wishes.

The new website is here:
and the growing postroll of articles on the topic is here:

Screen capture for sites with "Autistic people should" somewhere in the text.