Thursday, April 11, 2013

New! Interviews with Autistics for International Autism Acceptance Decade

New Series- Interviews with Autistics

We are three years into International Autism Acceptance Decade, 2010-2020! To further the reach of the “IAAD” effort, I am going to do a series of interviews with Autistic people, especially people who do not often get public attention in the “autism world” or even in the “Autistic world.” The interviews will be posted on the Autism Acceptance Day blog at 

This series is going to be loosely focused on Autism ACCEPTANCE* but will also give a chance for people to say what is most important to them. More than that, these interviews are a way for Autistics to talk about our experiences, getting to know one another and broadening our community interactions. I am particularly interested in interviewing people who are not “the regulars” in public conversations about autism. 

Our focus audience is other Autistic people, but the general public (that part of it that reads autism-related things) will also be reading. Autistic children might read your interview and learn something about themselves or feel less alone in the world; Autistic adults might find validation of their experience and feelings.

Please write to me at pdurbinwestby at gmail dot com and we will work out the best way for us to do interviews. The easiest for me is emails back and forth. Then comes IM of various types, and finally, phone interviews. 

Currently the blog gets several hundred hits a day and reaches out past the usual forums and Facebook, according to my blog stats. On a high-volume day, like April 2 (!) I get several thousand hits. Let’s get to know each other a bit and put out your thoughts to the world!
Interviews are expected to be posted over the next few months. We are halfway through April and I also have a list of blog posts that will be coming out as well. This is a long-term project, perhaps spanning the entire International Autism Acceptance Decade.

* I will not be taking submissions from Autistics who hate autism. Apologies for that limitation, but the focus of the International Autism Acceptance  Decade is the acceptance and embracing of autism. I am only interviewing Autistic people for this series.


  1. You can write to me in the comments section here, too, to let me know of your interest. But, if you don't want everyone else to see your contact info, write to me at my email address!

  2. I'll do it! -Ian

  3. JUST A QUICK NOTE!!!!! I have quite a few... more than 20.... people interested so far. Obviously, doing and posting the interviews is going to take MONTHS. When I get something from someone, I will send you a note that I have received it. I am doing the first-come first serve, mostly (there might be one or two that get moved around if they seem to have something to do with current events or something of that nature. Just remember, also: 1. I am a mom raising a kid and working 2 part-time jobs and 2. I forget..... oh yeah. If you do not hear from me in a WEEK, assume I might have lost your email or correspondence and ask me again. DON'T (please) ask me every day! Thank you.

    1. Why will it take months? 1. See above. 2. If I post more than one every couple of days, people will not see them all, as there wil be too many at once. 3. I can't process them that fast anyway/ But, this will be fun, because there will always be something new on the blog, and that's a good thing. We will, together, keep Autism Acceptance going all year and not just in April.

  4. Hi! I am interested... I am 20 years old, almost 21. I am a college student. I am not officially diagnosed but in my last years of high school I began to feel autism was a possibility and I went to see a neuropsychological. I was told I did not have autism and I put the subject behind me. However I started to do more research on my own in college. I found what self advocates said about autism made more sense to me then experts... And I began to look at myself from a new point of view. Most would not believe I was autistic. If you would like to interview me email me at nornwen-at-gmail-dot-com


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