Sunday, April 14, 2013

My (Probably Partial) To-Do List for Autism Acceptance Month 2013

Things I need to do.

This is my public to-do list. I had better do these things, since I am posting them!

I need to add more blogs to the blog list on the side. The past two years it contained direct links to articles and blog entries rather than to an entire blog. I have to think about whether I want to keep it this way. I think I like it this way but it could get rather long. There are so many now, whereas in the past there were not that many. This is a GOOD thing, even if I have to spend some time figuring out how to design it to be not just one really really really long list.

Keep up with submissions! (More are lined up ready to go; I just need to make sure I have gotten back to people about their status).

Post more photos that have been sent.

Interviews coming soon! I am working on the interview questions. I am trying to make them, well, PERFECT. I ought to give up on that in a day or two....

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