Monday, April 8, 2013

Imagine a World Where Everyone Was Against You....

Reposted from Karla's ASD Page
Almost daily I see a post on my timeline or my inbox telling me about the HUGE changes in the quality of their lives by parents who decided to embrace neurodiversity and step away from th pity-cure mindset. It is like magic. Make no mistake that your child picks up on how you feel and if you feel pity, fear, shame, so will your child.

I get presented with children who the world has given up on. Doctors, teachers, parents believe that their only option is jail or institutionalization. The fix for these kids is always the same. They need to STOP being taught how broken they are and START being told how to accept and then advocate for themselves. But they cannot accept themselves until they meet others who accept them because a decade or more of seeing the world as against them is taking a toll. A toll too hard to overcome without a strong acceptance message.

Every NT caregiver or friend of ASD person should spend about 10 hours of focused reading/effort on the Wrong Planet site as well. Look at the depression, the sadness that comes from a life time of being told how their ways of being is socially wrong or (in the words of Socially Thinking ) unexpected.

When I go out into the Autistic community I meet people who have great gifts to give this world. They are unable to give these gifts and most of them are under or unemployed. It isn't because they have nothing to give the world but that they are unable to give these things due to their low self esteem, the world pushing them away or both.

If you like the odds of 80% unemployment, continue the memes. If you want to change these odds, become an ally. Teach your children that they are okay just as they are. The most challenging part of parenting a special needs child is really teaching that child to have high self esteem in a world designed to tear him down.
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