Monday, March 18, 2013

#Autism Experts Launched for International Autism Acceptance Year (2012-2013)

#Autism Experts was launched this year to mark the third anniversary of Autism Acceptance Day. Autism Acceptance Day was started in 2011. Over 1300 Autistic community members and allies joined the first Facebook event that year, and more joined in 2012, when we declared the entire year International Autism Acceptance Year (2012-2013).

#Autism Experts adds to the exciting initiatives that are being started in the wake of continued interest in the concept of turning April into Autism Acceptance Month rather than Autism Awareness Month. 

#Autism Experts has a number of online access points in various stages of development. The most up-to-date one is on blogger. We will be posting additional material throughout April.

We are currently seeking funding for the #Autism Experts website, and talking to people who might want to be involved in some capacity. This is a long-term process, much of which will take place after April.  Please contact the blog owner here with your ideas for #Autism Experts. 

In addition, we are collecting blog posts, articles, and other materials for Autism Acceptance Day. (Note: I have some emails to follow up on to add new events for this year- I will be getting back to people as soon as I finish one my infamous work deadlines.)


  1. A link to ASAN's initiative is here. I will post more about the project when I get more information.

  2. (Note: I managed to mix two topics in one blog post. Re-doing this, with the other material in another post.)


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