Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Autism Acceptance Day from Emma's Messiah Miracle of Music

A reprint from Emma's Messiah Miracle of Music

Autism Acceptance Day

I am on perhaps such an important day willing to speak out for my friends who  are now unable as I was three years ago.

I am now able to speak with my hand and better by mouth.  I am infact fully participating in my world in so many ways. I do all my speaking to all my medical doctors and they fully respect me as me, not as moms imaginary friend who tags along sometimes making a proper verbal comment. I was my own advocate during my final IEP meeting, even reminding mom I can speak for myself! She laughed. I work at Lowes for school credit and frankly believe I could maybe train a few of my peers, laugh.

Perhaps I should speak for really what I believe acceptance is.  Acceptance is not working for a agency,school,or medical practice or social agency that is for disabled and speaking like we don't understand or even exist. I am somebody with feelings that deserve respect. My mind may not show on the outside like when maybe I have jumped or danced in a room when others stared  but I understood everything said by hateful people making fun of my joy of the music.  I understood what was said by teachers about me or my mom. I understood and remember. Having a sticker on your car or wearing the tee shirt isn't acceptance.

Acceptance is knowing my neurology is not the same as yours. You don't have to like when I scream, mom says sometimes we have to leave when I get really loud. She says we can go in the car because people  sometimes get scared.  She doesn't. She says ok lets yell now. But I actually understand because I don't like loud noises either.
Autism acceptance day for me is a day for my friends who still may not speak yet with their hands or mouth to know I will not forget you. 

And to my friends who knew I was inside before I could know, I thank you for believing. 

The original article is here:  Autism Acceptance Day

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