Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Estée Klar: Decolonizing “Autism Acceptance”

Decolonizing Autism Acceptance is an important article, well worth reading, by Estée Klar of The Autism Acceptance Project.

TAAP is one of the foremost parent-ally initiatives, founded in 2006. Klar asserts that there are not versions of "autism acceptance" out there, and cautions against co-optation of ideas and rhetoric that originated in the Autistic community.

" I will argue, however, that charity, parent and scientific “voices” are the predominant ones leading the autism discussion and appropriating the term “autism acceptance.” 

"To return to the autism community, for instance, an acceptance campaign movement that focusses on parents as “sufferers” and the “most important” people to talk to in addition to medical professionals, perpetuates the very oppressive, dominant voices that autistic people work so hard to be heard over."

NOTE: Autism Acceptance originated in the Autistic community. When mainstream organizations try to jump on the bandwagon, they water down our message and meaning. They can't help it. They have to try to be everythihng to everyone. They should choose and use their own rhetoric, not appropriate ours.

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