Saturday, January 14, 2012

Autism Acceptance Day 2012- Another Short Post


It's almost time for the second annual Autism Acceptance Day. I have not written a nice, long, blog post about Autism Acceptance Day, mostly because I am tired. Landon Bryce says I write with "deadly brevity and accuracy:" I love that, but it's because I HAVE to write with deadly brevity, since I don't always have time for longer musings, and, if I am going to be brief, it had better be deadly accurate!

Speaking of being tired, this is a beautifully-written account, by Lydia Brown, of another sort of tiredness:
Part of what motivates me to continue promoting Autism Acceptance Day is what Julia Bascom calls The Obsessive Joy of Autism: Autism really is not all about “devastating disorder” language and alarming statistics. People who write about autism in that way miss the subtleties, and also miss the fact that it is a person they are talking/writing about. Not as in “person-first language,” which I don’t use (for details see )

Obviously, I am using my skills at brevity to compile a cool list of great writings that fall under the category of Autism Acceptance. I will be adding more ASAP. Feel free to send me links you’d like to see here. If you see your blog or site linked here and do NOT want it listed, please contact me at pdurbinwestby @ gmail . com   I will be adding to this very short list of excellent writings; there are many many more!