Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Vision for the Future- Children Who Accept Disability

From the article: "Parents, teach your children well, I’d say, but I have not “taught” him this lesson.  He gets it instinctively from the openness we have about disabilities including but not limited to autism, and from our openly autistic friends, and from meeting and interacting with, and playing with or near, children on the spectrum."

Autism Acceptance Day 2012

The Autism Acceptance Day blog, Facebook event, and group are open again for this year. April 1, 2012 will be the second annual Autism Acceptance Day. This group was started as a response to the often depressing hype about "devastating disorders" and "alarming rate of increase" in autism promoted by big-name autism organizations and the media. This year we will be posting blog entries on the topic of Autism Acceptance. Please submit blog entries to pdurbinwestby @ gmail . com (until I get a form set up for this site). I am looking forward to the event and blog entries, which are important for promoting the kind of Autism awareness that really matters- one that treats Autistic people as human beings, with dignity and respect, not negativity and misinformation.

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