Friday, November 2, 2012

Autistics Speaking Day 2012

A link to the very Autism Accepting site and event, Autistics Speaking Day! Autistics Speaking Day is November 1.

Amazing creativity and insight from Autistics and supporters. The 2012 entries are varied and exciting to read! And, they are still being posted. 

Autistics Speaking Day was officially launched in 2010, with this announcement:

To read more, go to the blogspot site, where you can link to all the articles, FAQs, submission guidelines, etc.


  1. A blog post at TPGA, remembering back to the first Autistics Speaking Day, is here:

    Quote from Corina Becker: "It started sometime mid-October last year. I was browsing the internet, following links off of Twitter to new places I hadn’t been, when something caught my eye. A new autism awareness campaign, it advertised itself as a way to raise money for charities around the world and for people to understand autism better. Curious, and ignoring the growing dread in the pit of my stomach, I clicked the link and took a look."

  2. This year's posts include a number of videos. I am very happy to see more types of media being used to communicate our ideas and thoughts.


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