Friday, March 2, 2012

Autism Acceptance Day- Things That Are Awesome!

Autism Acceptance Day has been added as a cause to be considered for funding as part of a public policy initiative by the University of Maryland School of Public Policy . Please vote for Autism Acceptance Day! This event is growing and has no funding source. If we win, funding will be used to promote positive images of autism, including the Autism Acceptance Day website (under construction) and other autism acceptance materials and outreach. The focus is *specifically* acceptance of autism and Autistics as we are.

Click the 'Like' button on the Things That are Awesome Facebook Page at this link:

and vote by clicking the checkbox beside Autism Acceptance Day at this link:

If you don't see Autism Acceptance Day as one of the causes listed please click on the words  beneath the question box.

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  1. Hi5! Thanks Zoey Roberts for sharing 'Autism Acceptance Day' on your Facebook page. 'EnjoyHi5!Autism' social networks will share.


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