Monday, March 26, 2012

Autism Acceptance Day and Month Updates

It's exciting to see Autism Acceptance Day catching on both at regional and national levels.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network features Autism Acceptance Day and Month on the new (awesome!) website.  ASAN's post is here: Autism Acceptance Events and Their HistoryASAN will be running autism acceptance themed blog posts over the course of the month of April from Autistic adults, family members and other allies.

The   Autism Women's Network  blog radio show on March 30 will feature Autism Acceptance Day. Guest-hosts Dana Commandatore of Rethinking Autism and Self-Advocate, Tammy Klein will be the hosts.

Steve Silberman's blog, NeuroTribes, at PLoSis going to do a major post for Autism Acceptance Day on April 2 with lots of input from self-advocates and parents.

A series of posts about the evolution from autism "awareness" to autism acceptance will be featured under  Ariane Zurcher's posts at Huffington Post. Ariane's first post is Autism "Awareness".

April will be Autism Acceptance Month at Thinking Person's Guide to Autism (TPGA). "Accordingly, we will be profiling autistic people each day. We would like to invite you and/or your child to participate, because we believe you have many important things to say or share about autism and being autistic.”


  1. Great! Will there be a blog-hop day for it again this year?

  2. There really should be one. We did not do a blog-hop last year, but one was done for Autistics Speaking Day. OK, let's do this!!!! (See next entry. Thank you!


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