Friday, February 17, 2012

Autism Acceptance Day 2012- Another Try

Since I have had people say "Don't give up on Autism Acceptance Day" I am keeping on with it. Have gotten a bit sidetracked with more earthquake stuff etc. One thing that is obvious. This blog is CLUNKY. If you have time, interest, skills, etc. please contact me at  Here's what I have been posting over at Facebook:

Autism Acceptance Day event! Over 500 people have signed on so far. Please spread the word. The date is actually April 1-2, plus the entire month, which is Autism Acceptance Month!

The Facebook group is here. Need help with admin if anyone has time or interest!!/groups/109054042508075/


  1. Wonderful. I will help if I can. I have been working on getting out my inclusion materials at and hoping to sell them. The point to them is ACCEPTANCE and INCLUSION in faith communities, not tolerance, pity, or sidestreaming.

    1. Jane, do you want me to add your website directly to the links list here?


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